The Way It Was

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the story of a sunset || inmost_light

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Jake Bugg - Slide - live at Royal Albert Hall 21.02.2014

When is this bastard dvd coming out?!?! Their is high quality video of this and I have not seen it yet. 

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Scotlandloic lequere

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The fangirl in Ellen. Pretty sure she’s one of us. (also, that smirk on Ron!)

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From Rich’s photoblog | Phily to Denver 2010 (x)

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Wednesday April 9, 2014

Hello, it’s me again :) 

Exams are here again (or will be here soon for some) and so is procrastination :) 

Check out my new post where you’ll find a few tips of how to procrastinate, but hopefully you’ll learn a lesson from it! GOOD LUCK on exams and don’t make same mistakes as me!! :) 

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